Renewable Energy

Improve Sustainability, Resilience, and Risk Management with Renewable Energy

The rise of renewable energy has been hard to ignore. However, few businesses have the resources to keep pace with the innovation and developments in the market, or to execute a strategy to capitalize on the opportunities available to them.

Renewable energy provides advantages far beyond improved sustainability performance. Enel X works as a trusted partner to simplify the renewable energy market, develop a program that aligns with your organization’s priorities, and integrate the technologies and processes needed to achieve your goals.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Integrate renewables into your energy supply mix from both off-site projects and on-site resources to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.

Manage Risk on the Energy Markets

Leverage renewable energy to hedge against risk on the energy markets.

Improve Resilience in Your Facilities

On-site renewable resources enable your facilities to power critical equipment during grid outages or natural disasters without relying on access to fuel.

Reduce Energy Spend

Access to low-cost renewable power on-site can reduce your facility’s reliance on the grid when prices spike or costly demand charges are calculated.

Enel X helped the US GSA achieve its 2020 renewable energy goals.
Solar+Storage keeps a manufacturer’s critical equipment operational during grid outages.
How Enel X works with customers to execute a tailored renewable energy strategy.

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