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Developing World-Class Solutions with Leading Innovators
Developing World-Class Solutions with Leading Innovators

To ensure we maximize value to your bottom line, we're expanding the boundaries of what energy intelligence software does through technology partnerships. Have a look at some of the expanded offerings we're most excited about.

WeSpire: Employee and Tenant Engagement

We see one quality in every successful energy management program: employee and tenant buy-in. WeSpire has perfected the art of getting energy users to be more thoughtful through interactive enterprise software. Now those tools are available as part of our energy intelligence software offering.

Tesla: Battery Storage Optimization

We're working with Tesla's state-of-the-art energy storage systems to help early adopters in California get the most of their battery storage. Our energy intelligence software lets users monetize their storage by participating in demand response, and helps users track the performance of their storage system.

EnTouch Controls: Small-Site Facility Optimization

Through our partnership with EnTouch, we offer EIS combined with in-store controls at a competitive per-site price. For businesses that need building system control and real-time analytics across many small sites, this is the perfect solution.


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