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Generate Revenue with a BUG

A low-emissions, fast-start natural gas engine offers an excellent solution for DR participation while adding site resiliency. Take advantage of the turnkey demand response solution from EnerNOC and put energy to work for your business today.

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EnerNOC Site Server Datasheet

Gain an in-depth understanding of the specifications for our site server – a powerful device that collects, transmits, and can control utility and/or generator electrical data.

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DENOS Site Controller Overview

DEN Site Controller is a localized site control system that directs DEN.Store and other DERs’ operations at a specific site. It acts as the interface with the DEN.OS Cloud and performs local site services and site data caching.

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DENOS Overview

DEN.OS is a highly scalable management software system delivered as a managed service on a subscription basis. DEN.OS enables you to monitor, communicate with, and control your energy network. The system interfaces with distributed energy resources to monitor energy usage and production in real time.

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Energy Storage Value Stacking

The key to maximizing return on an investment in energy storage hardware is leveraging real-time optimal control technology to optimize the deployment of available value streams, such as incentive programs, demand response, and demand-side management practices.

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Establishment Labs Microgrid

EnerNOC’s storage-plus-solar-PV microgrid, the largest in Central America, provides improved power quality, energy savings, and renewables integration for medical manufacturer Establishment Labs. It also keeps power flowing when it matters most.

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Demand Response Partner

By partnering with EnerNOC, you can provide your customers access to more demand response (DR) programs worldwide than with any other provider—enabling access to incentive payments for their participation with no risk of penalties or upfront fees.

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Overview Energy Intelligence Software

EnerNOC’s Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) analyzes data from a building’s energy meters, utility bills, and operational schedules—alongside other relevant data such as weather—and automatically recommends actions to improve efficiency and reduce costs.