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FAQ - Auto-DR Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison provides Auto-DR incentive funding for California businesses to participate in demand response.

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Roadmap to Industrial Energy Intelligence

The energy intelligence assessment is EnerNOC’s survey of your organization’s approach to energy management. The assessment identifies areas of strength and opportunities for improvement as well as the potential value that may be available through improved energy intelligence. It is the first step of three simple steps to participate in the energy intelligence revolution. It is championed by a sponsor in your organization and authorized by memorandum and email from the responsible executive who has the appropriate span of control in the organization.

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Energy Procurement Partner

Help your commercial customers get the best possible price for energy by becoming an EnerNOC procurement partner. Your customers will get access to our energy procurement platform, including our reverse auction technology, and expert guidance on how to secure the right contract for their business.

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FAQ - Energy Consortium

Too many organizations that handle their energy procurement through a consortium falsely assume that by aggregating their load, the buying group has the leverage to get them the best price for energy. Here are 7 questions consortium members should ask to ensure they are getting the best available price.

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FAQ - Brooklyn Queens DM

There’s an exciting new opportunity for your business to earn revenue while contributing to New York’s efforts at alleviating stress on an aging electric grid. In the aftermath of 2013’s Hurricane Sandy, state leaders committed to making a cleaner, more diverse, and more reliant energy system. 

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FAQ - UK Capacity Market

EnerNOC makes participation in Demand Side Response (DSR) easy. Your Organisation can earn revenue by temporarily reducing your electricity consumption. 

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FAQ - Northern California Businesses

Since 2007, EnerNOC’s has a proven track record of enabling hundreds of organizations throughout Northern California to earn money, save on energy costs, and mitigate carbon emissions with demand response (DR).

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FAQ - Tennessee Valley Authority Demand Response

Get Paid to Reduce Energy Use with the TVA-EnerNOC Demand Response Program

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FAQ - Ontario Demand Response

EnerNOC helps hundreds of organizations across Ontario earn money, save on energy costs, and mitigate carbon emissions with demand response (DR).