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New England businesses reduce energy spend and earn money with EnerNOC.

EnerNOC helps hundreds of organizations across Ontario earn money, save on energy costs, and mitigate carbon emissions with demand response (DR).

Quick response demand response market offers unique value for Mid-Atlantic businesses

Businesses in the Mid-Atlantic reduce energy spend and earn money with EnerNOC.

Despite the benefits of DR, there are reasons you may be hesitant. Here are 5 of the most common objections we’ve heard from energy managers in your shoes – and our reasons why they’re not actually the hurdles they seem.

The energy intelligence assessment is EnerNOC’s survey of your organization’s approach to energy management. The assessment identifies areas of strength and opportunities for improvement as well as the potential value that may be available through improved energy intelligence. It is the first step of three simple steps to participate in the energy intelligence revolution. It is championed by a sponsor in your organization and authorized by memorandum and email from the responsible executive who has the appropriate span of control in the organization.

New York businesses reduce energy spend and earn money with EnerNOC.

Demand response (DR) with EnerNOC pays large electricity users to reduce their consumption or transfer load to a back-up generator when there is a shortfall in the supply of electricity. This improves grid reliability and helps keep electric rates down for everyone. 

Get paid to reduce energy use with AEP Texas Irrigation Load Management Program

Get Paid to Reduce Energy Use with the TVA-EnerNOC Demand Response Program