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Eastern Municipal Water District

Since its formation in 1950, Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) has transformed from a small water agency serving the agricultural industry to one of the largest water providers in southern California—serving a population of more than 630,000 in a 555 square-mile area. The agency is also a major consumer of electricity, which costs it more than $10 million a year. To offset some of those costs, EMWD uses EnerNOC to maximize its demand response payments.

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Ybor City District Cooling

Ybor City District Cooling cools more than 35 buildings in Tampa, Florida’s historic Ybor City area. In 2008, plant owners enrolled in a demand response (DR) program offered by EnerNOC and its local energy provider, Tampa Electric Company (TECO), earning the company approximately $10,000 annually.

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Southern California Edison Company

The largest electric utility in California relies on our software to provide 110MW of reliable demand response capacity.

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Tampa Electric Company

To meet increasing system demand, higher costs, and the need for an environmentally responsible way of managing peak demand, Tampa Electric has relied on our demand response capabilities since 2006.

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Midwest Energy

Our turnkey demand response program lets the utility relieve the dual pressures of increased demand and limited options for cost-effectively increasing supply.

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PJM Economic Demand Response

Learn how mid-Atlantic businesses can earn additional revenue by responding to price signals in the energy markets.