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General Motors

Using our software to centralize and validate data from 1,700 electricity, natural gas, and other energy bills, GM has found over $49M in energy savings.

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Lumber Manufacturer

This manufacturer relies on our energy experts to identify anomalous energy usage and potential savings opportunities in their data, and communicate those to key stakeholders.

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EMD Millipore

EMD Millipore is a life sciences leader that provides cutting-edge technologies, tools, and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Millipore deployed Enel X's energy intelligence software (EIS) to hit aggressive carbon reduction targets and fine-tune its high performing buildings.

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Defense Contractor

This defense contractor manufactures some of the most sophisticated products in the world, from vehicles to body armor to computer systems. Its operations are energy intensive and highly sensitive. Plant temperatures need to be constantly controlled, for both employees on the floor and some of its products. The Company is serious about energy management activities as a tool for driving savings, but it must not impact the quality of production processes or outputs.