FAQ - Tucson Electric Power (TEP) Demand Response

Fast Facts

Target Customer: TEP commercial and industrial customers who can reduce electricity load during times of peak demand
Program Period: Year-round
Program Hours: Weekdays between 11:00AM – 6:00PM (May – Oct) and 7:00AM – 7:00PM (Nov – April)
Dispatch Notification: 30 Minutes
Dispatch Duration: 1-4 Hours

What is the TEP EnerNOC DemandSMART Program?

TEP DemandSMART is a demand response (DR) program for commercial, institutional and industrial organizations in the Tucson Electric Power (TEP) service area. Program participants voluntarily reduce their electricity consumption during times of peak electricity demand or high wholesale electricity prices. Participants then receive recurring payments, in return for participating in demand response dispatches.

Why is TEP offering this program?

TEP DemandSMART helps TEP to balance its electricity supply and demand requirements and to ensure reliable and affordable electric service for all TEP customers. TEP has partnered with EnerNOC, a leading provider of energy intelligence software (EIS), to implement the TEP Demand Response program at TEP customers’ facilities.

How does the program work?

TEP and EnerNOC work together to offer this demand response program. EnerNOC manages program implementation and execution, allowing TEP system operators to call for demand response resources as needed.

  1. EnerNOC works with you to identify ways you can use less energy. Together you determine the appropriate curtailment strategy that meets your specific business needs and outline these in a detailed energy reduction plan.
  2. EnerNOC installs a small metering device at your facility to monitor your electric consumption levels and establish communication with EnerNOC’s Network Operation Center (NOC).
  3. EnerNOC verifies performance and ensures that operational conditions are satisfactory during demand response dispatches.
  4. EnerNOC enrolls your facility in the program and you begin earning payments. The amount that you commit to reduce can be adjusted as your electric loads change and as you gain experience in the program.

What happens during a demand response dispatch?


When TEP anticipates the need for additional energy they will call a demand response dispatch. Once a dispatch is called, EnerNOC will send advanced notification to you via email, phone or SMS informing you that the dispatch will begin.


At the start of the dispatch, your facility will reduce electricity according to your energy reduction plan. Minimal action is required on your part, however, you maintain the option to withdraw from the dispatch if operational requirements prevent participation.


Before, during and after a dispatch, the EnerNOC team remains in close contact with your facility and is always available to answer questions that you may have.


Each quarter, you will receive payment from EnerNOC for your participation in the program.

Are there penalties if a facility underperforms during a dispatch?

If your facility underperforms, your payment for the month will be reduced, but you will never have to pay a penalty.

What types of reductions can I make?

Energy reductions can be made across a broad range of equipment.

Common examples include:

  • Lighting               
  • On-site generation
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Pumps
  • HVAC equipment
  • Industrial freezers

Customers find that many energy intensive processes can simply be shifted by a few hours to facilitate dispatch participation.

You can choose to initiate reductions on your own, or request that EnerNOC executes your plan automatically from their Network Operation Center. EnerNOC has extensive experience creating reduction strategies that work within the operational limitations of a wide variety of unique facilities.

About EnerNOC

EnerNOC is the world’s largest provider of demand response technology and services. Our energy intelligence software gives users the ability to maximize demand response performance by tracking their real-time energy reductions and provides a central location to track and manage demand response payments. Our customers are supported by a world-class professional services team and a Network Operations Center (NOC) that is staffed 24x7x365.