FAQ - PJM Sync Reserves: Mid-Atlantic Demand Response

Fast Facts

Eligible Regions: Certain zones within the PJM Interconnection
Program Period: Year-round
Program Hours: At customer's discretion; available 24/7/365
Dispatch Trigger: Temporary grid disruption
Performance Measurement: Sites must fully curtail within 10 minutes
Dispatch Duration: 30 minutes maximum; 12 minutes average
Dispatch Frequency: 5-15 per year
Minimum kW required: 500 kW

What is the Synchronized Reserve Market (SRM)?

PJM’s Synchronized Reserve Market requires fast response energy reductions to support the PJM electric grid during system disruptions that only last for a short period of time, such as transmission line or power plant outages. These sudden, unexpected disruptions to the grid require either increased generation or load reductions from participating sites. As in the PJM Emergency Load Response Program, facilities participating in PJM's Synchronized Reserve Program can earn significant payments for helping to stabilize the grid during these critical periods.

How do I participate?

PJM’s Synchronized Reserve Market operates 24x7x365, and as a participant in the program with EnerNOC, you have the flexibility to create a customized participation plan that fits your unique operating needs. Enrollment occurs on a rolling basis, so you can opt-in at any time. Once you decide to participate, it takes approximately eight weeks to set up your site(s). EnerNOC energy engineers enable your site(s) with the technology and equipment necessary to ensure easy performance and reliable tracking. In many cases, EnerNOC can automate your participation with sophisticated remote control capabilities. We have the market expertise and leading edge technology to make your participation as seamless as possible.

Is SRM right for my business?

This program is best-suited for sites that have load resources with controls in place to automatically drop load, or switch to on-site generation, when dispatched. Sites with energy-intensive load running more than 12 hours per day (e.g. melters, pumps, cold storage, and wood product processing) are excellent candidates. The program requires 1-minute interval metering so EnerNOC will work with your utility to install a pulse meter at no charge to you, if your site does not already have the required metering.

How much can I earn?

Earnings depend on several factors including your zone, hours enrolled in the program, and energy market conditions. EnerNOC can help you develop a bidding strategy to ensure you see a good return from your participation.

Can I use my generator?

Yes, you can! Utilizing a generator may make it easier for your site to participate, and therefore influence your bidding strategy. We also ensure you have the proper permits and can help upgrade a generator for compliant participation with $0 out-of-pocket costs.