FAQ - PECO Energy Act 129 Demand Response

Fast Facts

Qualification Zone: PECO Energy Service Territory
Program Period: June–September
Program Hours: 10 a.m.–7 p.m. (EPT), business days
Dispatch Duration: 4 hours per event
Dispatch Frequency: Maximum of 6 per summer

What is demand response?

Demand response programs provide a no-risk, no-cost opportunity for commercial, institutional, and industrial organizations to earn money and drive energy savings while helping main-tain reliable electricity throughout PECO’s service territory. When the demand for electricity approaches critical peak levels, PECO dispatches EnerNOC’s demand response network, which is made up of local organizations that have agreed to reduce energy usage for a short time during times of high demand. Program participants earn recurring capacity payments for agreeing to be on standby to curtail electricity consumption in response to abnormally high electricity demand, as well as additional energy payments based on performance during dispatches. EnerNOC manages your participation from start to finish.

What are the benefits?

  • Maximize payments to your bottom line: EnerNOC manages your participation from start to finish, ensuring you earn the highest possible financial reward, even if there are no dispatches. Since 2003, our customers have earned more than $1B in payments.
  • Reduce energy costs today: Avoid costly peak demand spikes, track energy usage trends over time, and spot opportunities to better manage energy costs with our real-time energy intelligence software.
  • Support your community: Your participation helps maintain reliable electricity in Pennsylvania and can help mitigate the impact of increasing market prices on your energy bill.
  • Increase your upside: Earn more from your energy flexibility by participating in the Act 129 program in addition to other existing PJM demand response programs.

How do I participate?

EnerNOC makes participation easy. We take care of the complex details so you can stay focused on running your business.

  1. Our experts work with you to identify your energy reductionpotenti al and create a strategy that delivers maximum value with minimum impact on your operations. We outline these measures in a detailed dispatch participation plan.
  2. We may install necessary metering devices at your facility to establish communication with our Network Operations Center (NOC), so we can monitor your energy consumption levels in real-time.
  3. Your site is then enrolled and ready to respond if and when a dispatch begins. At any time during a dispatch, you can log in to view your performance in real-time. Throughout the process, we fully manage enrollment, measurement, verification and payments on your behalf.

What types of reductions can I make?

EnerNOC has extensive experience creating reduction strategies that work within the operational limitations of a wide variety of facilities, including cold storage, manufacturers, food processors, universities, malls, office buildings and more. Common reduction examples include:

  • Reduce non-essential lighting
  • Modify manufacturing processes
  • Adjust HVAC equipment
  • Dial back pumps
  • Change settings in industrial freezers
  • Start up properly-permitted back-up generation

Our customers find that many energy-intensive processes can simply be shifted by a few hours to facilitate dispatch participation. Ask us about our experience working with customers like you.

What can I expect during a dispatch?

  • Notification: When PECO anticipates the need for support, it dispatches the EnerNOC network into action. EnerNOC notifies you via email and SMS informing you when the dispatch will begin.
  • Response: At the start of the dispatch, your facility will reduce its electricity usage according to your predetermined dispatch participation plan – either manually, or automatically through the NOC.
  • Support: Before, during and after a dispatch, the NOC remains in communication with your facility. Our team is available to answer questions and help ensure that you achieve the highest possible levels of performance and payments.

How do I sign up?

Our experts are standing by to speak with you about your organization’s DR opportunity. Submit your information at https://www.enernoc.com/contact-sales and we’ll get started.