FAQ - AEP Texas Irrigation Load Management Program

Fast Facts

Program Period: June 1-September 30
Program Hours: Weekdays, 1pm-7pm
Duration and event limitations: 1-4 hours per dispatch, maximum of 4 dispatches per month
Dispatch Notification: 60 minutes

What is Irrigation Load Management?

Irrigation Load Management is an agricultural demand response program offered by AEP Texas, in partnership with EnerNOC, to help make the local electric grid more efficient. Customers who choose to enroll in this program will earn cash incentives for temporarily reducing electricity use by shutting off irrigation pumps during peak demand periods. This incentive comes along with new devices that provide reliable communications and monitoring of pump operating status. With these devices, irrigators can use EnerNOC’s web-based portal to monitor and control the operations of their pump(s) from any computer or smartphone.

How does it work?

Irrigation Load Management is open to AEP Texas customers who can temporarily shut off electric irrigation pumps during periods of peak demand. EnerNOC will partner with irrigators to enroll any pumps that can deliver value to the customer and to the electric grid.

What are the Benefits?
Maximize Revenue to your Bottom Line
The Irrigation Load Management program is a simple and smart way to put money back into your pocket with zero upfront costs.
Manage Your Operations
EnerNOC’s metering and communications equipment provides remote pump status monitoring and notifications over the phone or Internet, giving you the transparency you need to better manage your energy costs and operate your business.
Support Your Community
Your participation helps maintain affordable electricity across the region and provides a clean, cost-effective alternative to building new power plants in the community.


How do I participate?

EnerNOC makes participation easy. They take care of everything—enrollment, installation, notifications, load control events, performance calculations and payments—so you can stay focused on running your operations.

  1. EnerNOC will work with AEP Texas customers to enroll the irrigation pumps that best fit the program and provide the greatest financial incentives.
  2. EnerNOC will install next generation equipment to ensure reliable communications and provide irrigators with realtime visibility into electricity usage at their pump(s).
  3. During the program season, EnerNOC provides irrigators with 60-minute notice of upcoming load management events and always provides an option to opt-out.
  4. EnerNOC’s load management devices shut off irrigation pumps automatically at the start of the dispatch and release control of the pumps at the end of the dispatch, allowing them to restart.
  5. EnerNOC pays irrigators at the end of the program period based on average available load during program hours, adjusted for the percentage of events in which they participated.

When is the Irrigation Load Management Program available?

The program will run from June 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014. You can enroll at anytime, but we recommend you sign up as soon as possible to ensure your equipment gets installed and tested before the program period begins. Enrolling early will also reserve your spot, meaning that your ability to participate won’t be restricted by program caps.

What equipment will be installed?

Designed specifically for irrigation pumps, EnerNOC’s Site Server (ESS) is based on technology proven at thousands of sites nationwide. The ESS allows EnerNOC’s Network Operation Center (NOC) to remotely control irrigation pumps during Load Management events and tracks pump operating status at 15 minute intervals. The pump operating status can be viewed in real-time from most web-enabled devices.

What if my pumps cannot be shut off when a dispatch is called?

Customers may choose not to participate in any event. Opting out lowers average participation percentage and payments proportionally, with downside protection for months when only a small number of events are called.

Why should I join the Irrigation Load Management Program?

Participating irrigators receive annual cash payments, gain real-time visibility and remote control of their pump operations, increase the efficiency and reliability of the electric system, and help keep electricity prices low for everyone. Plus, participation is easy—EnerNOC’s load control and monitoring devices are installed on your enrolled pumps to automate the energy reduction process when events are called.

How do I enroll in the Irrigation Load Management Program?

For additional information or to get started, simply contact the EnerNOC Irrigation Accounts Team:
By phone at 617.692.2586
Via e-mail at info@enernoc.com
By filling out the Get Started web form at