Secondary Schools


The Big Picture

Today's New England secondary schools face many energy challenges. Electricity and natural gas in the region outstrips pipeline capacity. Aging campus infrastructure, from the classroom to the dorm room, is wasting valuable energy and dollars. And a new generation of climate-aware students is demanding sustainability and environmental stewardship from their administrations.

In response, facilities managers are teaming with procurement and finance to ensure energy is sourced and consumed more responsibly, engaging with energy professionals who can provide market expertise, proven procurement processes that drive bottom-line results, and holistic energy efficiency solutions. EnerNOC is on the front lines of energy renaissance occurring at prep schools today, setting the new standard for excellence and accountability.

Honors in Energy Management

Phillips Academy (Andover)

Electricity prices had risen since its last contract, so Phillips Academy needed the best process to get the best price. Through a series of online auctions, the school tested 12 different terms and products for 80 accounts, receiving more than 90 bids from seven suppliers in two hours. The end result? 26M kilowatt-hours at a competitive fixed rate and high satisfaction with the process.

The Taft School

The competition fostered by EnerNOC's online auctions drove electricity prices down so significantly that the Taft School was able to contract for 100% green power while cutting its power costs by $300,000, a win-win for the school that advanced budgetary and sustainability goals. "Our strategic energy purchase with EnerNOC not only empowers our campus affordably, but deepens our commitment to a sustainable future," said Gil Thornfeldt, CFO and Business Manager of the Taft School.

Things to Know

Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH)

After securing a favorable rate on electricity through an EnerNOC auction, Northfield Mount Hermon wanted to reduce energy consumption across its campus. Northfield Mount Hermon used utility incentives to fund additional energy efficiency projects including a comprehensive retrofit that included energy efficiency lighting, refrigeration, and variable frequency drives. The school was eligible for incentives of up to 40% the retrofit costs.

  1. By paying your monthly energy bill, you automatically contribute to an energy efficiency fund that other schools are using. EnerNOC will help you get your share.
  2. Energy suppliers will sometimes throw in "green for free" to win your business. EnerNOC's competitive process helps you get more green for your dollar.
  3. The leading bidder in EnerNOC's auctions outbids itself 20% of the time in the final seconds, transferring more of its margin directly to you.
  4. EnerNOC provides energy intelligence software and professional services to hundreds of secondary schools and colleges.