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  • Enel X North America

U.S. Silica

Industrial mineral supplier protects its community without affecting its mining and processing operation by participating in demand response with Enel X.

  • Enel X North America

Blommer Chocolate Company

In 2011, Blommer initiated an energy conservation program to reduce waste throughout manufacturing operations. Our software formed the program's backbone, lowering costs and improving productivity.

  • Enel X North America

Suzuki Garphyttan

This leading supplier of spring wire products grew tired of seeing higher-than-expected charges on their utility bills month after month. We gave them the tools to see costs as they were accruing. 

  • Enel X North America


Part of the EchoStar family—the world’s leading provider of satellite broadband for home and office—Hughes stakeholders use our software to get the visibility they need to drive operational performance and streamline internal reporting.

  • Enel X North America

City of Philadelphia

Energy Manager Kristin Sullivan explains the financial opportunity in enrolling in a demand response program with Enel X.