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Renewable and Distributed Energy Solutions

EnerNOC’s renewable and distributed energy solutions help organizations make the right choices given their specific risk profile, sustainability goals, and planning horizons.

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Data Enablement Capabilities

Every organization has unique requirements to collect, consolidate, and transmit energy meter data. This overview lays out EnerNOC’s data enablement capabilities and how our customers apply them to optimize accessibility and cost-effectiveness.

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FAQ - Ontario Energy Storage

Ontario organizations paid approximately $12B in Global Adjustment (GA) charges last year. Did your business pay more than it had to? Those that can strategically lower their demand on the grid during system peaks can drastically reduce their GA charges, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. EnerNOC’s intelligent energy storage solutions can help your organization minimize GA costs with minimal impact on operations—and with no capital budget required.

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Energy Strategies for Medical Facilities

Hospitals and medical centers are the second most energy-intensive facility type in the US, and nearly 25% of a typical medical facility’s operating cost is energy-related. With operating margins frequently below 3%, energy cost management is tantamount to profitability.

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FAQ - Generator Automation

EnerNOC makes participating in a demand response (DR) even easier with automated controls for your generator. Learn how our advanced telemetry can save you time and effort in a dispatch, without interrupting your business.

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EnerNOC Site Server Datasheet

Gain an in-depth understanding of the specifications for our site server – a powerful device that collects, transmits, and can control utility and/or generator electrical data.