Sustainability and Reporting

Visibility Into the Inefficiencies Hiding In Your Data
Make Sustainability and Reporting Painless

Whether it's to your board or to the government, distinguish your business by confidently reporting your facilities' environmental and sustainability metrics.

Through our partnership with Goby, EnerNOC provides a powerful platform to help you collect and manage the data necessary to comply with reporting standards and regulations, track progress against goals, engage relevant stakeholders, and make the process easier on your staff.

ENERGY STAR Data Manager

Minimize manual data entry and centralize your portfolio’s ENERGY STAR benchmarking efforts with integrated tracking, configuration, and reporting.

Environmental Data and Emissions Tracking

Track, analyze, and report energy, water, waste, and emissions data.

LEED Credits

Earn extra LEED credits through participation in demand response, energy audits, commissioning, and performance optimization.

Lobby Dashboard

Display building performance and activities to make energy and sustainability more tangible to occupants.

Internal and External Energy Reporting Made Simple
Automate Your Internal Reporting

Free your teams from hours spent pulling together manual reports. Automated analyses and reporting provide the right people the right information they need to more effectively manage energy, without the spreadsheets.

User-friendly sharing features improve the consistency and frequency of energy-related communication across your business, so problems get resolved and improvements get implemented faster.


Customize a wide range of reports to dissect your data; schedule when a report runs and who receives it.


In a few clicks, get urgent information to everyone who needs it.

Profiling Notes

Document building-specific anomalies and implemented measures that every user can reference across your business.


Establish real-time price and usage thresholds for each of your sites and get alerts before your buildings pass those costly thresholds.

See the Software in Action

Watch this video to learn how our sustainability and reporting capabilities can help you:

  • Track progress against sustainability goals
  • Eliminate manual data entry for ENERGY STAR reporting
  • Manage energy and environmental data from one system
  • Engage employees to help meet energy goals