Energy Procurement

Budgeting Without Surprises
Get the Best Price on your Next Energy Contract

Our technology-enabled energy procurement solution streamlines the competitive bidding process and ensures maximum transparency into the energy sourcing process. Leverage our leading reverse auction platform to increase the number of suppliers competing for your business and ensure you get the right terms at the lowest price. Our energy procurement platform has already secured over $8B in energy contracts for thousands of businesses.

Unparalleled Supplier Competition

It's all about the competition. When more suppliers compete for your business through our reverse auction technology, you win.

Transparency and Compliance

Online auctions capture, catalogue, and time stamp all bidding activity, providing you with a thorough and transparent audit trail of your energy procurement.

Proactive Market Monitoring

Set your buying parameters and receive automatic notifications when the market conditions meet them.

Centralized Contract Management

See all your current energy contracts, and when each expires, in one place.

See the Software in Action

EnerNOC's procurement platform includes reverse auction technology that helps get you the best price possible. See how it:

  • Obtains prices from hundreds of suppliers in a matter of minutes
  • Facilitates seamless and fast transactions
  • Provides a transparent audit trail into your procurement
Price-Transparent, Hassle-Free Energy Procurement
Set And Manage Your Buying Strategy

Sourcing energy is just one part of the equation. Bolster your energy procurement and risk management strategies with advice from our experts. Our team will advise you on the full range of products available to you, and the risks, costs, and benefits of your options. We track the markets closely to help best advise you on when, how, and what to buy to minimize your exposure to market and budget risk.

Energy Strategy Development

We'll perform a risk assessment and educate you on market context in order to develop a strategic procurement and risk management plan.

Ongoing Market Intelligence

Our advisors will provide you with ongoing market analysis and recommend available energy purchasing options including costs, risk factors based on your specific needs.


Once your competitive supply agreement is in place, we’ll create customizable annual budgets that capture contract rate, historical consumption, and published utility tariffs.

Renewable Energy Consulting

Leverage our team of renewable experts to incorporate renewables into your buying strategy.