Hardware-Agnostic Data Acquisition
Hardware-Agnostic Data Acquisition

Our energy intelligence software is fully hardware agnostic. That means there's no need to ditch your existing infrastructure to use it. Whatever hardware and system vendors you have in place, our software can pull data from them right away.

From your infrastructure and our own data sources, our software is capable of acquiring and synthesizing:

  • Energy data
  • Building Automation System (BAS) data
  • Sub-meter data
  • Weather data
  • On-site generation data
  • Market pricing data
  • Invoice data
  • Production data
  • Emissions factor data
A Platform of Powerful Applications
A Platform of Powerful Applications

Our software platform houses a suite of next-generation energy intelligence applications that turn asset, portfolio, and market data into actionable information for your team.

Among the applications driving our software, you'll find:
Auction Platform

Obtain prices for a variety of energy products and terms in a matter of minutes, optimizing supplier liquidity and ensuring you get the best possible price on energy


Tariff Engine

Connect energy consumption and demand to your specific utility tariffs to accrue costs and understand the drivers of monthly energy spend

Optimization Analytics

Automatically identify and analyze BAS faults and turn them into actionable measures for your team to tackle


Procurement Intelligence

Continuously analyze current contract information and market prices to identify and prioritize top buying opportunities across your sites

Invoice Validation

Recreate every bill using the specific tariff line items and attributes associated with that utility account, giving you unparalleled ability to ensure billing accuracy across your business

Weather Normalization and Baselines

Track and analyze temperature-normalized facility performance over time

The Single-Platform Advantage
The Single-Platform Advantage

By delivering a full suite of energy management tools on a single platform, we're able to eliminate inefficiencies, heighten security, and enable better collaboration and communication across your business.

Our single-platform model provides:

  • Cloud-based access with unlimited users
  • Mobile-optimized functionality
  • RESTful APIs to enable partner and data ecosystems
  • Prioritized information surfaced in modern UI
  • Software and data security