Distributed Energy Resources

A Clear Picture of Your Solar or Battery Storage Performance
Get a Clear Picture of Your Solar or Battery Storage Performance

Build an evidence-based case for site-specific or portfolio-wide investments in renewables (wind, solar, etc.) or other distributed energy resources (DERs). Then get the tools to analyze DER data so you can evaluate performance and accurately determine financial return.

Our software analyzes the real-time impact your renewable and other distributed energy resources are having on your energy spend, linking their performance with money saved and highlighting erratic behavior or underperformance.

Renewable Energy Planning and Assessments

Build a renewables strategy that suits your business’ specific needs with our energy experts’ guidance. In an overcrowded marketplace of options, determine what best suits your core business objectives while meeting cost requirements.

Cost-Effective DER and Renewables Purchasing

If green power purchasing or renewable energy credits are right for you, our online auction platform helps you secure the lowest possible price. If renewables suit your business’s needs, our experts will help guide you through options to the best price, on the right terms.

Optimized Performance to Ensure Savings

See the impact your solar investment is having on the different parts of your bill. Or, if you’ve invested in battery storage, get alerts when using stored energy will generate the most savings. We'll also help you turn available storage into a revenue driver by enrolling in demand response.