Wasted Operating Expense

Get the Visibility and Control You Need To Manage Energy Costs
Get the Visibility and Control You Need To Manage Energy Costs

Unlike other major operational costs that are driven by a simple price times quantity formula, energy spend is driven by how you buy energy (price), how much you use (quantity), and when you use it (time). Without visibility into or control of these cost drivers, businesses can't manage energy like other major line items—hurting overall business productivity and profitability.

Energy intelligence software gives you the tools you need to see energy costs holistically and measure them in the metrics that matter to your business. Our software helps you and your teams identify the highest impact cost reduction opportunities and manage energy with operational rigor, lowering operating costs and driving profitability.

Secure the Best Price on Energy

You need crystal-clear visibility into the procurement process to feel confident you're getting the best price. Our online procurement platform uses a reverse auction process that provides unparalleled access to energy suppliers eager to bid for your business. The result is complete price transparency—and rock-bottom prices.

Automatically Correct Costly Utility Bill Errors

Utility bill errors happen all the time, racking up costs for energy you’re not even using. Get bills automatically validated using our exhaustive process. When bill errors are found, we’ll have them automatically corrected for you.

Pinpoint the Costliest Inefficiencies

Knowing how many kilowatt-hours your facilities are using isn't enough to make the right business decisions. You need a clearer picture of where energy is being wasted and how much it's costing you in order to make the right business decisions. Our facility analysis and optimization tools help your operations team pinpoint the costliest inefficiencies across your portfolio—and take action quickly.

Optimize Renewable Energy Investments

Investing in renewables puts your business on the leading edge, but you need to ensure you're making the most out of that investment. Our distributed energy resources capabilities uncover the impact of your investments on overall energy spend, linking their performance with money saved, and highlighting erratic behavior or underperformance.

End Unnecessary Demand Charges

If you've been in operations long enough, you know that a few days of excessive energy use during periods of extreme weather can blow your energy budget for the entire year. Our demand management capabilities help stop runaway costs before they start, by leveraging your historical data and our own algorithms to alert your team about impending costs and potential savings opportunities.

Access More Demand Response Revenue

Your energy demand can be leveraged as a revenue source, by reducing non-critical energy use during moments of severe grid strain. As the world's leading demand response provider, we get you access to the most markets and programs, and help you maximize payments without compromising operations.

Drive More Cost Savings with Our Energy Experts

Your facility teams are only as effective as the information they have available. Give them deeper visibility into their operations and get targeted recommendations to reduce consumption and costs. Our experts work with your teams to identify and prioritize energy efficiency opportunities, perform building tune-ups, and support project implementation.