Risk Management

Eliminate Budget Surprises, Permanently
Proactively Manage Risk to Avoid Surprises

Whether your primary objective is budget certainty or lower costs, energy market volatility, unexpected production runs, or a few days of severe weather can push those objectives out of reach.

With profitability at stake, the best way to manage risk is through a procurement strategy that understands market dynamics and perfectly positions your business to capitalize on them.

Our software and energy advisors empower your business to navigate price volatility, better manage your budget, and identify the best buying opportunities.

Build the Best Strategy with Our Advisory Services

Successfully managing energy price risk requires deep knowledge of market dynamics and contract structures. Without that expertise, you end up depleting your team's resources and making costly strategic errors. Our procurement experts help you assess budget and market risk to execute a strategy that gets you the best price on the right terms for your business. 

Develop Data-Driven Budgets and Forecasts

It's nearly impossible to create highly accurate energy budgets if you can't link energy costs to operations. Our budgeting capabilities provide the right data to establish an informed budget down to the individual business unit, then help you project future expenses and calculate accruals prior to receiving a bill—so your business is never surprised by a monthly bill.

Implement the Right Strategy with Our Procurement Platform

A well-planned procurement strategy only effectively manages risk if it's acted on every day. That can be impossible without the right tools. Our procurement platform constantly scans the market, alerting you when prices are best based on your energy contracts and strategy. Then we ensure you pay the best rate through our fully-auditable auction platform, which offers giving you a transparent view into market prices.

Effectively Procure Renewable Energy

Investing in renewables is quickly becoming necessary to hit sustainability goals, but done right it can also greatly boost your business' ability to manage risk. We help you navigate the increasingly complex world of renewable energy options to find the investments that best benefit your business.