Fragmented Data and Communication

Improve Communication Across Teams and Sites In Your Portfolio
Improve Communication Across Teams and Facilities

Fragmented energy data and communication breakdowns can lead to poor decision-making across functions, and a lack of alignment around business goals.

When different departments or facilities aren’t translating energy use into real costs and have no visibility into portfolio-wide energy usage, inconsistent performance and inefficiencies go unnoticed, impacting business productivity and ultimately the bottom line.

To address this, you need a single source of truth for company-wide energy information, and a shared tool every team can use together to improve communication, collaboration, and scale energy management best practices.

Our enterprise information platform allows you to benchmark the relative performance of different facilities, speak the same language about energy costs across functions, and empower your teams to work more effectively.

Connect Your Teams with the Right Tools

Without the right tools there's a lot of guesswork–and inconsistency–in your team's approach to facility optimization. Our software and services provide deep analytics across your portfolio and tailored advice from our energy experts, enabling you to overcome communication barriers, quickly take cost-saving action, and scale best practices across your organization.

Automate Internal and External Reporting

Your team wastes too many resources sharing data across your organization and reporting that data to shareholders and regulators. Our software connects energy use to KPIs and streamlines reporting around those metrics, saving you precious time and resources that can be put towards higher-impact energy management activities.

Eliminate Communication Breakdowns

Driving consistent energy efficiency implementation and measurement takes a single source of project management truth, used by everyone involved. Our software-based project tracking tool brings all your buildings and their operators together, allows them to communicate and collaborate effectively, and lets you track how much projects are saving in energy costs.

Engage Employees to Boost Results

Employees want to become more involved in their organization's sustainability efforts, but you know how challenging it can be to bring an entire business together around energy management.

Using tools like gamification, rewards, and an activity newsfeed, our collaboration tools foster employee engagement and collaboration.

Get Professional Services Tailored to Your Team's Needs

Some elements of your energy use need expert attention, whether it’s building a strategic energy management plan or getting the organizational alignment your team needs to drive results.

Our energy experts specialize in stand-alone energy management services. They've helped thousands of leading businesses achieve their energy management goals by developing strategic energy plans, carrying out energy assessments and audits, and providing custom training.