Compliance and Sustainability Reporting

Energy Use - Report with Confidence and Clarity
Report with Confidence and Clarity

Today 90% of the Fortune 500 release a sustainability report along with their CSR reporting at least once every two years. And in 2015, local energy disclosure laws saw 150% year-over-year growth in the US alone.

As the connection between sustainability performance and corporate financial return becomes clearer, it's not just governments that care; consumers, investors, and even employees (particularly the socially-minded millennial generation) are demanding greater transparency around environmental and sustainability metrics.

Providing that transparency can quickly become unfeasible; it requires more time and data than your team has, leaving business productivity to suffer.

To meet these demands, you need a single platform to streamline the collection, management, and reporting of compliance data from across your organization. Our energy intelligence software takes the complexity out of compliance, so your team can spend less time reporting on energy use—and more time reducing it.

Decrease Reporting Time, Improve Decision-Making

Compliance reporting is a resource drain that ends up as a box to check rather than a way to drive performance improvements. Our software helps you deliver accurate, credible, and auditable reporting while creating a central system of record to ready you for whatever new reporting requirements emerge.

Internal reporting can present an even bigger threat to productivity. Our software takes the effort out of reporting, providing you with the energy data to inform smarter business decisions, and freeing up your facilities' teams to focus on executing them. 

Lead Through Renewables and Distributed Energy Resources

Investing in renewables can be an effective way to meet corporate sustainability goals, but to make the most of that investment you need a clear, reportable view of its financial impact. Our distributed energy resources capabilities provide your team with the true financial impact of on-site renewable generation, allowing you to meet sustainability goals without compromising profitability.

Drive Efficiency Through Employee Engagement

Broad stakeholder engagement is integral to driving behavioral change and making efficiency improvements across your business. Our software leverages behavioral science, social mechanics, and visualization tools to engage your employees in energy and sustainability initiatives.