Iso-new England Awards EnerNOC Landmark Contract To Improve Grid Reliability In Southwest Connecticut

Iso-new England Awards EnerNOC Landmark Contract To Improve Grid Reliability In Southwest Connecticut

April 27, 2004


BOSTON, MA - EnerNOC, Inc. is proud to announce its selection by ISO New England (ISO-NE) to provide Demand Response capacity to the Southwest Connecticut region over the next four years. Less than a year removed from the greatest blackout in U.S. history, the announcement is part of a larger initiative to improve service reliability in energy-constrained regions. The cutting-edge technology and services EnerNOC provides will go a long way toward providing area residents and businesses with adequate power during peak energy periods.

The announcement marks the culmination of a highly competitive RFP process. ISO-NE initiated the RFP to secure resources that will make the electricity grid more reliable specifically in Southwest Connecticut, where the energy situation is dire as a result a sub-par energy transmission infrastructure. The resources identified by ISO-NE include both emergency generation and reductions in electricity use. Only seven firms were awarded contracts in the RFP, and of these, EnerNOC was the only firm nominated to recruit yet-unidentified owners of backup generators and electric customers willing to shed load. If all targets are met on schedule, the contract could be worth several million dollars per year through at least 2008.

By winning its RFP bid, EnerNOC advanced its mission to offer innovative energy solutions. The terms of the contract allow EnerNOC to pass significant financial rewards on to its customers, particularly early adopters of EnerNOC's proprietary technology.

"This award from ISO-NE will allow us to improve our value proposition – which was already incredibly strong," says David Brewster, EnerNOC's President and COO, "while at the same time making the power grid much stronger and more resilient for all electricity customers in Southwest Connecticut." Stephen G. Whitley, ISO New England's Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, concurs. "The inadequacy of Southwest Connecticut's electricity system makes these short-term measures necessary to ensure reliability, particularly during the summer months when the Southwest corner of the state is vulnerable to power disruptions. These resources are intended to help fill a reliability gap until a long-term solution to Southwest Connecticut's reliability problem is in place."

EnerNOC's next task is to finish recruiting commercial and industrial customers to participate in the initiative. "The biggest challenge is getting people to understand how simple the process really is. All our customers have to do is make their capacity available. We'll do the rest," says EnerNOC's Brewster, "We're basically sitting on a multi-million-dollar check. We're just looking for the right customers to share it with."

About ISO New England:

ISO New England is a not-for-profit corporation responsible for the day-to-day reliable operation of the region's bulk power generation and transmission system. For more information, visit

About EnerNOC:

EnerNOC is the nation's premier full-service demand response provider. For more information, visit or call 1-888-EnerNOC.

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