EnerNOC Signs Multi-million Dollar Sales And Service Agreement With Pinpoint Power

EnerNOC Signs Multi-million Dollar Sales And Service Agreement With Pinpoint Power

June 1, 2004


BOSTON, MA - EnerNOC, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed a multi-million dollar sales and service agreement with Massachusetts-based Pinpoint Power. Under the terms of the exclusive multi-year contract, Pinpoint will pay EnerNOC to supply Pinpoint's customers with EnerNOC's Internet-Based Communication System (IBCS) and to manage 46 megawatts (MW) of demand response capacity that is enrolled by Pinpoint to participate in ISO New England's Southwest Connecticut Emergency Capability Initiative.

The agreement unites the market's two leading demand response providers, combining EnerNOC's leading demand response technology and management services with Pinpoint's solid customer base and proven track record. The deal bolsters EnerNOC's position as the nation's premier full-service demand response provider, giving the company access to a broad set of new blue-chip clients, including IBM, Pitney Bowes, and SBC Corporation, among others.

"Our deal with Pinpoint creates value all around," says EnerNOC's CEO Tim Healy. "It broadens EnerNOC's customer base while allowing Pinpoint access to our industry-leading demand response technology and service solutions. Most importantly, it provides the region's grid operator with a cost effective solution to grid reliability problems." Pinpoint President, Tom Atkins, agrees. "Thanks to EnerNOC, Pinpoint can offer its customers a truly hands-free solution. When we analyzed the competition, we determined that no other company could give our customers such complete and effective service."

Under the same Southwest Connecticut Emergency Capability Initiative, EnerNOC has been contracted to supply 30 MW of demand response capacity. With the addition of Pinpoint's customers, EnerNOC will manage 76 MW in the initiative. "When all of EnerNOC's customer slots are filled," says Healy, "nearly one-third of the capacity enrolled in ISO-NE's Southwest Connecticut Initiative will flow through our Network Operations Center. We're pleased to play such an integral role in helping ISO-NE to maintain reliability within the region."

About EnerNOC:

EnerNOC is the nation's premier full-service demand response provider. For more information, visit www.EnerNOC.com or call 1-888-EnerNOC.

About Pinpoint Power:

Pinpoint Power is a leading developer, owner, and manager of power generation and demand response assets in the Northeast and has processed millions of dollars in demand response payments to its customers. For more information call (781) 453-1145.

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