Conservation Services Group Partners With EnerNOC To Deliver Emergency Capacity

Conservation Services Group Partners With EnerNOC To Deliver Emergency Capacity

March 11, 2005


BOSTON and WESTBOROUGH, MA - EnerNOC, Inc. and Conservation Services Group, Inc. (CSG) today announced the formation of a partnership to deliver demand response solutions to a targeted pool of commercial and industrial customers. The collaboration will result in the delivery of a significant amount of "on-call" demand response capacity, which will relieve constraints on the electrical grid and help reduce the occurrence of service disruptions during periods of peak demand.

CSG, a leading provider of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, evaluated several demand response service and technology providers, and chose to partner with EnerNOC because of EnerNOC's innovative technology solution and dedication to project execution.

Bob King, Chief Operating Officer of CSG commented, "Our demand reduction programs are a viable and environmentally-friendly part of the overall resource mix necessary to improve electrical grid reliability. We are excited to be working with EnerNOC to deliver demand response capacity when and where it is needed most."

"EnerNOC is again proving to be a capable, value-added partner for energy management and services providers. We are pleased to support CSG's demand reduction efforts with our leading demand response service and technology offerings," added David Brewster, President & Chief Operating Officer of EnerNOC.

About CSG:

Conservation Services Group, Inc. (CSG), founded in 1984, is a nonprofit corporation that specializes in the design, development and delivery of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs for utility companies, public housing authorities, public agencies, and private clients. Headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts, CSG also has regional offices in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Wisconsin. For more information, visit

About EnerNOC:

EnerNOC, Inc. is the leading provider of demand response, price response, and demand side management solutions to the commercial and industrial markets in the US. EnerNOC delivers immediate, profitable results to customers by leveraging its deep experience in all aspects of energy management, commercial contracting, and embedded systems technology. For more information visit

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