Demand Management

Data-Driven Demand Management
Experience Data-Driven Demand Management

Take control of expensive, unnecessary charges by better managing when you use energy. Our software leverages your historical data and our own algorithms to identify savings opportunities at your sites just by reducing spikes in your energy demand or briefly shifting operating activities. Alerting features show you when opportunities arise, and exactly what to do, with enough time to act.

Peak Demand Identification
​Run analytics to identify demand peaks and analyze which facilities have the highest demand management cost savings opportunities.

Demand Management Accruals
Skip waiting until your utility bill arrives to understand how your daily energy demand will impact your next bill. Receive daily email notifications quantifying the financial impact of how much energy you used yesterday.

System Peak Notifications
Avoid excess costs simply by knowing when to temporarily reduce your energy demand. You're often charged year-round for the delivery of energy you hardly ever use.

Our software predicts when these charges will be measured, giving you enough time to adjust operations and avert unnecessary charges.

Get text or email alerts sent to everyone relevant when a site is approaching new demand thresholds so your team can take cost-saving action.

See the Software in Action

Watch this video to learn how our demand management capabilities can help you:

  • Quantify demand savings opportunities
  • Get alerted to approaching demand thresholds
  • Forecast potential system peaks