Demand Response

Demand Response On Your Terms
Make Demand Response Work for You

Improve your bottom line easily by reducing energy during a few brief periods a year. Our unparalleled access to demand response (DR) markets lets you maximize payments from utilities for partially powering down operations during moments of severe grid strain. Our experts help your building operators develop and execute an energy reduction plan, and you watch the payments roll in.

Demand response program rules vary, but with us, you can rest assured you have a proven, knowledgeable partner, dedicated to helping you maximize your demand response earnings potential.

Market Access

Access to more demand response programs than any other provider.

Performance Analysis

View and manage DR performance in real-time to maximize revenue.

DR Dashboard

Track all active DR registrations, performance, contact information, and energy reduction plans.

DR Earnings

Quantify the value of DR participation across sites and programs.

EnerNOC Demand Response Regions
Access The Most Demand Response Programs Globally

EnerNOC operates demand response programs throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Program rules vary by utility or grid operator. See our program brochures for information and eligibility requirements for programs in your area.

How a Demand Response Dispatch Works

1. Get Notified

When your local grid operator or utility anticipates the need for additional electricity supply, it sends an electronic signal to our Network Operations Center (NOC). We then send a phone message, email, or SMS to your site with details about when the demand response dispatch will occur.

2. Respond

Upon receiving the dispatch notification, your facility will reduce its electricity usage (or in some regions, switch to back-up generation) according to your predefined energy reduction strategy.

3. Get Support

Before, during, and after a dispatch, the NOC remains in communication with you. NOC personnel are available 24x7x365, supporting you to ensure that you achieve high levels of performance and payments.

See How a DR Dispatch Works

Learn how savvy energy managers spend less and earn more with demand response. Commercial, institutional, industrial, and agricultural companies are getting paid for participating in demand response, a program that pays you for temporary reductions in your energy use during periods of peak demand or other grid constraints. For every kilowatt you don’t use, you get paid to let someone else use it. You can also receive payments just for being on call.

This short video explains how this program allows you to:

  • Decrease your monthly energy costs
  • Gain greater visibility into your energy consumption
  • Get started today
How a Demand Response Dispatch Works

Enrolling in Demand Response is Easy

1. Design an Energy Reduction Strategy

We've helped thousands of customers design energy reduction strategies that take their unique operational processes, concerns, and equipment into account. We always put occupant comfort and safety first.

2. Install an EnerNOC Site Server (ESS)

A small device collects your real-time energy information and connects with our Network Operations Center, so we can monitor your energy consumption in real time, 24x7x365.

3. Run a Test Dispatch

We run a simulated demand response dispatch to ensure you're ready to perform when called upon.


4. Stand By

Once your test dispatch is complete, we will officially enroll you in the program and you'll be considered "ready to respond."

5. Take Action When Called

Due to the careful prep work between us and your team, the dispatch process is simple, and you're able to maximize revenue.

See the Software in Action

Watch this video to learn how our DR capabilities can help you:

  • Access your energy reduction plan
  • View and manage your DR performance
  • Track how much you've earned

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