Project Tracking

Manage Energy Projects with Ease and Clarity

Transform the way your business manages energy projects with tools to centralize every project, estimate savings, and track progress in high detail.

Our software takes well-organized to the next level, dynamically tracking the details of each project and making them accessible to all contributors rather than stuck in a spreadsheet.

Improve communication across your business by allowing users to promote new projects, discuss existing ones, and provide helpful project documentation.

Centralized Platform

See all your projects—ongoing and completed—in one place. With live updates, you'll never wonder if you've missed a status update or projects are off track.

Measurement and Verification Analysis

Compare energy usage before and after a measure is implemented. Calculate occupancy- or weather-adjusted cost savings.

Profiling Notes

Capture building-specific anomalies and implemented measures in notes every EIS user can reference across your business.

Mobile Access

Keep projects on-track and your teams well-aligned with project management tools accessible on your phone or tablet.

See the Software in Action

Watch this video to learn how our project tracking capabilities can help you:

  • Easily prioritize, track, and report on projects
  • Measure and verify your project's impact
  • Improve team-wide communication