California Higher Education


Enel X provides energy services and technology to colleges and universities across North America, including 20 campuses of the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems. Enel X works with the CSU and UC organizations across the full spectrum of requirements, from individual buildings to entire portfolios.

Enel X's professional services team offers the following energy services to help higher education institutions optimize energy use: 

  • Plans: to help universities map their energy strategies, from renewable energy sourcing to purchasing to energy efficiency.
  • Audits: to provide a well-grounded case for capital investment and operational changes.
  • Assessments: to identify Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) throughout your campus' equipment and/or processes, at either the system or sub-system level.
  • Commissioning: to tune-up existing buildings with no-cost and low-cost energy efficiency measures (retro-commissioning) and to ensure that new buildings come online at maximum efficiency (new construction commissioning).

To ensure savings persist over time, Enel X also deploys its energy intelligence software (EIS) to provide customers with better visibility into energy usage, and the information needed to better prioritize energy management efforts. 

Example Projects

  1. With an Enel X master energy plan, UC has devised a strategy for reducing system-wide energy consumption by 10%, equivalent to more than $30 million in annual energy savings. Enel X conducted field investigations for 181 buildings, identified energy efficiency measures and performed engineering, energy and economic analyses for EEMs in over 40 million square feet of building space.
  2. Enel X is the main provider of building-level monitoring under the UC/CSU/IOU Energy Partnership Program. This “persistent commissioning" deployment uses Enel X EIS in existing campus buildings and central plants through long-term monitoring and staff training to ensure persistence of savings. Enel X’s persistent commissioning projects generate energy savings of over $1.8 million per year.
  3. CSU Long Beach and UC Santa Barbara chose Enel X EIS to drive persistent savings with active, data-driven monitoring of building management systems to unearth new measures and retain savings.
  4. An audit of the Business Tower at San Jose State University (SJSU) combined an eQUEST model of the building with a series of recommendations such as converting Air Handlers to Variable Air Volume; implementing Time-of-Day Scheduling of equipment; optimizing Economizer Sequencing; and applying Demand Control Ventilation. SJSU expects to save $120,000 annually.
  5. San Diego State University turned to Enel X to ensure full credit for the Energy and Atmosphere (EA) section of its LEED EB certification. Enel X is the Commissioning Agent for Manchester Hall. We are ensuring EA Credits such as Optimize Energy Performance, Building Operations and Maintenance, Performance Measurement, and Enhanced Metering.
  6. CSU San Bernardino partnered with Enel X to reduce energy usage at its Chemical Sciences Building by 32%. The building used to have the single highest energy usage index of any building on campus; however, Enel X worked to identify several low-cost energy efficiency measures that resulted in significant energy savings, leading to a Higher Education Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Best Practice Award.