California State University Bakersfield

Building/Project Summary

Building Area: 57,000,000 square feet
Annual Energy Savings: 140,000 kWh electricity
Project Economics:
• $20,000 annual energy cost savings
• $125,000 project cost
• 6.2 year simple payback period
Greenhouse Gas Reductions: 112,000 lbs/year of CO2

EnerNOC was the Engineer-of-Record and commissioning provider for the HVAC control system upgrade project for the Business Development Center at CSU Bakersfield. The Business Development Center consists of five buildings built in 2002 and utilizing 61 water-source heat pumps. EnerNOC developed the construction drawings, specifications, and sequences of operation for the project and supported the University during bidding and construction. During and after construction, EnerNOC acted as the University’s commissioning agent to optimize the performance and minimize energy usage of the heat pumps. This project also established the campus standard for future DDC upgrades and new building control systems.

Measures Implemented Included:

  • Installation of DDC controls to zone level
  • Installation of new EMCS with graphic displays and trending capabilities
  • Established campus standard for future DDC upgrade projects
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Reduced energy and demand costs
  • Reduced O&M costs and staff time responding to emergency calls