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EnerNOC is the pioneer of global leader in demand response (DR), with extensive expertise on the island of Ireland. Since 2011, we’ve been helping businesses earn revenue and build resilience through participation in the EirGrid Group’s DR programmes.

EnerNOC was the first demand response provider in to connect flexible electric capacity of Irish businesses to EirGrid at scale and currently offers a variety of opportunities for businesses throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to participate in DR.

Our Dublin office is the home of our global Network Operations Centre (NOC), which directly supports your DR participation 24x365. Sites in other countries? We can also provide you access to our global demand response network.

EnerNOC - Ireland & Northern Ireland Capacity Markets
The Capacity Market

The Capacity Market ensures there is adequate supply within the electricity system to meet demand throughout the year. Providers of capacity, including demand-side resources, are paid for their annual commitment to be flexible with their energy consumption upon request from system operators EirGrid (Republic of Ireland) and SONI (Northern Ireland). These dispatches are designed to avoid potential blackouts, and as such are only issued in extreme circumstances.

Demand OFF is demand response participation via curtailment, where businesses can shed or shift their loads to help ensure there is adequate supply on the grid (on winter weekday evenings, for example). Demand ON is demand response participation via consumption, where businesses utilise their co-generation assets – like combined heat and power plants (CHPs) – to help draw excess supply off the electricity grid (on windy weekend nights, for example).

Customers that participate in the capacity market can still participate in other demand response schemes, such as frequency response.

Programme Logistics
Demand OFF Demand ON
Availability Period: Annual (1st October – 30th September)
Availability Days: 7 days per week
Availability Hours: 24 hours per day
Advanced Notification: 1 hour
Dispatch Duration:Up to 2 hoursVariable

System frequency is a measure of the balance between energy generated and consumed – a constantly shifting number that requires monitoring and management. To meet grid requirements, EirGrid relies on DR participants who can reduce usage or switch to stand-by generation in a variety of timeframes using EnerNOC’s patented automated technology.

EnerNOC was the first provider of frequency response services in Ireland and therefore well positioned to help you navigate the range of DS3 opportunities that are expected in mid-2018.

Programme Logistics
Availability Period: Annual (1st October – 30th September)
Availability Days: Currently as declared by provider
Availability Hours: Currently as declared by provider
Advanced Notification: Variable; 0.15–300 seconds
Dispatch Duration: Variable; 10–1200 seconds


Identify your optimal DS3 programme(s) with guidance from our consultants.

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