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Customized Solutions, Deep Expertise
Customized Solutions, Deep Expertise

Strategically, you know that effective energy management translates into improved profitability, less risk, and better compliance with emerging regulatory mandates, but that doesn’t mean you have the internal resources to execute against that strategy.

When you have an energy management goal that requires advanced problem-solving—whether it's getting an expert partnership to identify energy waste in your facilities or developing energy policies that drive cost reduction through behavior change—our professional services team is built to help.

We've transformed energy management for some of the globe's leading businesses through custom solutions built on a wealth of experience.

Technology Services

When critical data for energy management resides in disconnected systems across your business, you need energy intelligence software integrated with your existing tools and systems. Our technology services ensure that the data you need to succeed is reaching your team, and that everyone knows how to make the most of it.

  • Systems Integration - Integrate energy intelligence software in the hardware, software, and standard processes of your business
  • Custom Reporting - Translate energy into metrics and KPIs that resonate across the business
Education Services

Empower your teams to get the most out of your energy intelligence software through customized training and tailor-made training materials that will improve engagement around energy management across your business.

  • Online Training - All our customers get access to on-demand training through Enel X University, including subject-specific training videos and live or on-demand webinars
  • Standard Training - Comprehensive webinars for targeted audiences throughout your business, as well as a monthly employee engagement report to track progress
  • Customized Training - A training program covering custom topics, on-site training seminars and job training aids
Transformation Services

Getting energy management results requires a clear plan and buy-in from many different parts of the organization. Our transformation services align teams, processes, and metrics to help you drive effective energy management.

  • Strategic Energy Roadmap - Assess your energy management maturity and prioritize improvement activities
  • Strategic Energy Plan - Build the blueprint that will enable your energy team to achieve multi-year goals for energy management
  • Enterprise Performance Tracking - Establish the right metrics to gauge the success of your program and gain buy-in from your business
  • Enterprise Program Development and Deployment - Embed energy management as a core competency of your business with a robust energy program
  • ISO 50001 - Build an ISO-compliant energy management system to set goals, establish metrics, and ensure persistence of improvement measures
Energy Services

Your engineering and facilities teams understand the daily workings of their buildings, but energy management often takes a back seat to other higher priority issues, like keeping occupants comfortable and maintaining safety. With our energy services, you'll get the expertise of energy engineers finding ways to optimize building operations, so you can focus on priorities while ensuring energy management is being addressed.

  • Audits - Prioritize measures to improve energy efficiency across a facility
  • Assessments - Investigate problematic systems to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Commissioning - Ensure new buildings are built to your expectations
  • Retro-commissioning - Tune up building systems to increase operating efficiency and ensure occupant comfort
  • Project Implementation Services - Scope, execute, and verify implementation of your energy projects to demonstrate their success
Procurement Services

Energy price volatility makes it one of the most difficult inputs to procure cost-effectively, yet missing a market opportunity makes a big impact on your organization’s budget and bottom line. You need a strategic advisor and the best technology to help you manage risk and buy energy at the lowest price.

  • Energy Procurement - Get the best available price for your energy needs through our energy experts and online procurement platform
  • Advisory Services - Build and manage your procurement strategy, analyze performance against budget, and assess changing market dynamics to manage risk

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