Wholesale Procurement

Gain both transparency and speed in your energy procurement strategy with reverse auctioning technology
Drive Competition with Live Feedback

Add transparency and speed to your energy procurement with fully-auditable reverse auctioning technology that provides live feedback to bidders, allowing you to capture capacity quickly and cost-effectively.

Leverage a Proven Process

Reduce the risk involved in wholesale transactions with full transparency for the seller, buyer, and critical stakeholders; give everyone involved the confidence that the best possible price was secured.


Speed Up Transactions to Capture the Lowest Possible Price

Stay ahead of rapidly changing markets and never compromise on price as suppliers outbid each other to lower the price you pay for electricity or natural gas.

See the Software in Action

Watch this video to learn how our wholesale procurement capabilities can help you:

  • Reduce the risks associated with wholesale procurement
  • Increase competition among suppliers
  • Get the best possible price on the energy