Demand Response

Tap Into Your Customer's Demand-Side Resources
Tap Into Your Customer's Demand-Side Resources

Balance reliability and affordability while delivering on your desired customer experience by leveraging demand response (DR) as a cost-effective demand-side management (DSM) and customer engagement solution.

Activate Smaller Customers with Behavioral Demand Management

Leverage Enel X's data-science driven behavioral demand management software to capture the flexibility of your small and medium-sized customers in order to deliver positive grid outcomes.

High Touch Solutions for Your Biggest Customers

Leverage the flexibility of your largest energy users to create a firm, demand-side resource you can call on to meet peak demand. Enel X's software gives your commercial and industrial customers access to real-time energy data to monitor their performance during dispatches, support from our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center, and the experience of the world's largest DR aggregator.

Real-Time Visibility Into How Your DR Portfolio is Performing

Give your team the tools they need to monitor DR dispatch performance in real time. See which sites are hitting their targets and delivering the megawatts you're counting on. Post-dispatch, leverage Enel X's robust measurement and verification process to ensure you're getting the results you need.

Proactively Monitor Real-Time Demand

Stay ahead of peak periods with real-time monitoring of your largest customers' demand, and proactively dispatch and manage events.

Customized Program Support

If you're looking for more than just the world's best DR software, and you want to outsource your entire DR program to deliver a firm, reliable demand-side resource, trust the team that's done it for more utilities than any other DR provider in the world.