Compliance and Sustainability Reporting

Energy Use - Report with Confidence and Clarity
Make Progress on Sustainability with a Strategy Tailored for Your Organization

Investors are increasingly demanding access to trustworthy data on sustainability performance. Emerging regulations and disclosure laws require businesses to report performance accurately. And customers have made it clear that sustainability efforts will play an important role in their purchasing decisions.

Recognizing that sustainability has become a material concern, many businesses have responded by making public commitments to improve their performance. However, few businesses have the resources to get their initiatives off the ground and show meaningful progress in sustainability.

Enel X’s solutions are designed to turn the data needed to measure portfolio-wide sustainability performance into actionable insights. Our team of sustainability experts, who have experience executing sustainability programs for large global enterprises, will work closely with your organization to establish performance goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and create reports that meet the requirements of industry standards and auditors.

Centralize Data for Granular Visibility

Collecting the data needed to measure sustainability performance across a large portfolio can be challenging. Making sense of that data to identify your strengths and weaknesses is even more complex.

Enel X’s solutions will centralize data across a global portfolio to show how individual sites are performing, with granular insight showing how your organization compares to peers and industry standards in all areas of sustainability performance, such as energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Establish Accountability with a Customized Strategy

One of the most common issues preventing businesses from reaching their sustainability goals is a lack of clarity and ownership around performance.

Our experts have built sustainability plans for large enterprises and maintain an active role in the sustainability community. The Enel X team will work closely with your organization to create goals, organize workshops to align key stakeholders with sustainability initiatives, and develop a detailed roadmap to implement projects.

Simplify the Renewable Energy Landscape

While renewables can play a pivotal role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, few businesses have the internal resources to keep up with the developments in the renewable energy world.

Enel X will help your organization evaluate opportunities to purchase off-site renewables and integrate on-site generation resources. Our experts will help you navigate the complex vendor landscape, access flexible financing options for distributed energy resources, and track performance over time.

Make Sustainability Reporting Easy and Accurate

Without the right tools and processes, many organizations end up relying on spreadsheets for their sustainability reporting—increasing the time their teams spend processing data manually and creating the risk for human error in their results.

Our software tools streamline the process by automatically converting your raw operational data into the information you need to report to industry standards and comply with laws and regulations. Our team of experts will make sure your reports accurately reflect your performance and meet the requirements for your external reporting needs.

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