What to Expect from Energy Markets in 2017

Enel X Outlook

One of the most important pieces of advice we consistently give our customers is to go to market when opportunities emerge, not just when their contracts are about to expire. After all, you can never predict what the market will look like when that contract end date rolls around.

With experts like the US Energy Information Administration and the World Bank predicting higher electricity prices in 2017, the low-priced 2018 and 2019 futures contracts currently available in many parts of the US are exactly that—a market opportunity.

And so as the new year and a new federal administration get going, we’ve asked our team of experts to dive into the current energy markets and explain why companies with market exposure or expiring contracts need to pay attention.

This comprehensive outlook for the 2017 energy markets focuses on three key themes:

  1. Natural gas’ impact on electricity markets
  2. Nuclear and renewable energy in 2017
  3. Regulatory changes in 2017 and their impacts on energy markets

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