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'Mission Control' for Energy Management

EnerNOC's Network Operations Center (NOC) connects energy supply and demand and makes demand response and technology-enabled energy efficiency seamless and reliable. Terabytes of data flow into the NOC every year, giving EnerNOC the ability to dispatch demand response capacity where and when it is needed. Staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, the NOC provides unparalleled visibility into each asset in EnerNOC’s network, and it connects energy users to their real-time energy data throughout the year.

Inside the NOC
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Global scale, local control

EnerNOC’s Network Operations Center is built on a robust backbone to support a global network of approximately 14,000 customer sites. EnerNOC employs redundant data centers in multiple locations to ensure business continuity, and it provides local customer support teams to serve its customers and utility partners throughout the world.

At the crossroads of energy

When demand response resources are dispatched, the NOC provides the visibility needed to ensure success, both for the businesses and institutions that are reducing usage and for the utility or grid operator that relies on their energy reductions. The NOC combines state-of-the-art dispatch management and energy profiling tools with patented business processes to ensure that EnerNOC consistently delivers its contracted demand response capacity.

How does it work?

  • The demand response alert goes out. Utilities or grid operators send a notification signal to the NOC when demand response capacity is needed, indicating load shed, time, and specific geographies that are needed.
  • Empowering automation. The utility dispatch is processed and parsed, and EnerNOC dispatches sites enrolled in the relevant regions. Through our automated systems, sites in our network confirm receipt of the dispatch and begin their energy reduction measures.
  • Remote curtailment. Once a site has confirmed its dispatch notification, EnerNOC can automatically and remotely make adjustments in HVAC settings, lighting, and other demand-generating equipment, as defined by a customer-approved Energy Reduction Plan. Customers’ Energy Reduction Plans can also include changes in operational behaviors, such as shutting down a manufacturing line or delaying energy-intensive processes. For example, a hotel may opt to delay laundry services until after a demand response window has passed.
  • Management by exception. During a demand response dispatch, NOC operators have real-time visibility into how each individual site is performing. EnerNOC has invested millions of dollars in the tools and infrastructure needed to manage underperforming sites quickly and at scale. As a result, we’re able to ensure that customers reach their energy reduction targets and maximize their demand response payment opportunity, while also ensuring utilities get the capacity they rely on.
  • Operations return to normal. When the demand response dispatch is over, the NOC receives a second signal from the utility or grid operator, automatically notifies participating customers, and restores normal operations at customer sites.

Enabling world-class customer support

The NOC is also the engine behind EnerNOC’s world class customer support team, helping customers get the most value from all of EnerNOC’s energy management applications. The 24/7/365 Service Desk staff is available for customers to call in with questions. This team handles tens of thousands of calls every year, with an average response time of three seconds. The Service Desk supports every customer enablement, ensuring high standards of quality for each new site and meter that is configured in our systems, while the Network Systems team monitors connectivity at the thousands of EnerNOC Site Servers worldwide, ensuring maximum uptime for our devices.