Devices | EnerNOC

Smarter hardware for a smarter grid

Data-driven energy management requires advanced hardware and devices, and EnerNOC isn’t waiting for the smart grid to build itself. We provide advanced metering and monitoring equipment for each of our customers, linking them to real-time information on energy use that can create real savings. We also offer wireless machine-to-machine controls equipment that makes energy management even easier for energy users and utilities alike.

Want to take control of your energy use?
Watch our video to learn how to leverage the power of real-time data for better energy management.

Your connection to better energy management

The EnerNOC Site Server links thousands of EnerNOC's customer sites to our Network Operations Center (NOC) to create the world’s largest “virtual power plant.” It also gives our customers access to our online energy management portal, which helps them manage energy usage in real time. Our Network Operations Center monitors connectivity and is available 24/7/365 to ensure that equipment is functioning properly.

Remote controls to save time and energy

From major manufacturers to agricultural operations to mission-critical facilities, EnerNOC’s customers include some of the most complex and geographically dispersed businesses and organizations in the world. But no matter where these facilities are located, our customers can elect to have EnerNOC remotely control energy usage to streamline participation in demand response and other load management activities. Remote control and advanced automation help our utility partners integrate demand response more fully into their resource mix.

Irrigation controls for agriculture and beyond

For agriculture and other water-intensive industries, irrigation and pumping can be a major energy expense. EnerNOC offers machine-to-machine equipment that allows energy users to remotely monitor and control their pumping equipment to take advantage of demand response programs and save on time, travel, and effort involved in turning pumps on or off manually. EnerNOC works with leading irrigation equipment manufacturers to ensure that our hardware works with your pumps, and we can even control equipment directly from our NOC.

Wireless solutions with global reach

No matter where your business is located, EnerNOC has the capability to connect you to our Network Operation Center. Through a combination of wired and wireless communications, including CDMA, GSM, and satellite connections, we ensure that our customers can connect their equipment remotely and access meter data securely.