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EnerNOC has invested millions of dollars in developing the industry's most robust software applications. These applications empower our customers to make better energy management decisions and drive significant savings for their organizations. To learn more, click the thumbnails below to launch a brief online tutorial about how EnerNOC helps you get more from energy.

Energy Profiling
While utility bills only give you a single-month snapshot of your energy information, EnerNOC provides detailed five-minute interval data. Learn more about how EnerNOC's profiling tool can help you identify valuable energy savings opportunities.

Dispatch Performance
New features for 2012
Maximize your demand response payment opportunity with DemandSMART's dispatch performance view. See your baseline, watch your load drop, and help ensure that you hit your energy reduction targets on time.

Energy Efficiency Dashboard
Identify and verify low-cost and no-cost energy efficiency opportunities to drive savings. The interactive dashboard compares monthly and daily usage to weather- and occupancy-adjusted historical baselines and presents key insights into how your facilities are using energy.

Utility Demand Response
For utility users - create crucial dispatches through and view EnerNOC’s portfolio performance during Demand Response dispatches. Monitor energy consumption of registered sites throughout the year.

Ancillary Services: LSSi
For participants in the LSSi program in Alberta, Canada – manage your hourly MW offers to maximize your revenue, and track performance during armed hours.

As an EfficiencySMART or SupplySMART customer, you can generate a variety of reports to visualize and analyze your organization’s energy data. Reports can be scheduled and filtered to view pertinent information according to your needs.