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Product Information

Software & Services for Enterprises

Take Control of Your Energy Costs with EnerNOC's Energy Intelligence Software

Energy costs are determined by three factors: how you buy it, how much you use, and when you use it. Learn how EnerNOC's energy intelligence software gives you the visibility you need to make better energy management decisions and tackle these cost drivers.

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3 Ways to Fund Energy Intelligence Software Investment
If you’re looking for ways to fund your organization’s EIS investment, consider these three options.

Demand Response with Generators
Your emergency back up generator is a valuable asset, and with demand response, you can turn it into a powerful revenue generating engine.

Efficiency that Makes the Grade: Energy Services for Higher Ed
California’s higher education facilities save over 40 million kWh annually by partnering with EnerNOC. You can, too.

ENERGY STAR Management Made Simple
Read about how you can achieve a high ENERGY STAR score and centralize and oversee your portfolio's ENERGY STAR tracking, updating, and reporting.

EnerNOC and LEED: Energy Management and Environmental Design Form a Perfect Union
More and more commercial buildings recognize the value of LEED certification. Learn more about how EnerNOC can help you earn LEED points.

Fund Your Energy Efficiency Programs
See a breakdown of utility-funded energy efficiency incentives by state and learn how you can access funding.

Get Started Right: EnerNOC's New Building Commissioning Services
Learn how integrating commissioning into your business plan will help you realize rental and sales premiums, and lower operating costs.

Get the Best Price for Energy with EnerNOC Energy Procurement and Advisory Services
Take control of your energy costs and manage risk in competitive energy supply markets with EnerNOC's technology and advisory services.

Give Your Building a Tune-Up With EnerNOC's RCx Services
Retro-commissioning (RCx) is a full-facility tune-up designed to help your building perform optimally. Learn about how you can benefit.

Make Better Energy Management Decisions at Your Water Agency
Energy intelligence software can enable an integrated approach to energy management at your water agency.

Make the Most of EnerNOC's Utility Bill Management Software
These frequently asked questions will help ensure you're getting the most out of EnerNOC's cloud-based utility bill management software.

Maximize the Value of Your Energy Intelligence Software Investment With Support from EnerNOC
EnerNOC’s Global Services team is available to help you prioritize, manage, and measure your energy management activities to ensure that they effectively target what’s at the root of your organization’s energy costs.

Meet Your Energy Management Goals with EnerNOC’s Enterprise Professional Services
EnerNOC’s professional services help you achieve your energy goals and incorporate best-in-class energy management practices into the fabric of your enterprise.

Optimize Equipment and Systems With an EnerNOC Industrial Energy Assessment
EnerNOC's experience with industrial technologies, processes, and facility-wide savings enables us to offer integrated energy assessments.

Optimize Your Facility With Industrial Retro-Commissioning
For many industrial facilities, retro-commissioning (RCx) is an excellent place to start on the path to greater energy efficiency.

Reach Your Commitments for the Better Buildings Challenge With EnerNOC
Although the ambitious energy reduction goals for the U.S. DOE's Better Buildings Challenge may be daunting, EnerNOC's EIS and Professional Services can help you reach them.

Still Using Spreadsheets? Utility Bill Management Software Offers a Much Better Approach
EnerNOC's UBM software gives you the visibility and tools you need to plan better and manage your energy spend more effectively.

Take Control of Energy Costs at Your Industrial Facility with EnerNOC's Energy Intelligence Software
Manage operations costs with EnerNOC's energy intelligence software and incorporate energy into production scheduling and plant operations decisions.

Top 5 Reasons You're Hesitant About Demand Response... and Why Not to Be
These are the most common objections we hear about DR participation - and we clarify here why they're not the hurdles they seem.

Understand and Align With Commercial and Mixed-Use Building Energy Efficiency Policies
See a sample list of city and state regulations and access resources to help you navigate them.

What is Energy Intelligence Software? (Video)
Energy is one of your highest operational costs, impacting productivity and the bottom line. Watch this short video to understand how you can take control of your energy usage and costs with EnerNOC's energy intelligence software.

Software & Services for Utilities and Energy Service Providers

Engage Your Business Customers with EnerNOC's Energy Intelligence Software (EIS)

EnerNOC's EIS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides utilities with customer engagement, energy efficiency, and demand response applications, while improving operational effectiveness.

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Energy Service Providers: Engage Your Small and Medium Enterprise Customers
Transform Your Customer Relationships with EnerNOC's energy intelligence software.

Competitive Energy Service Providers: Get the Most from Your Commercial and Industrial Customer Relationships
Deliver a Value-Added Experience with EnerNOC's energy intelligence software.

Utilities: Activate Your Small and Medium Enterprise Customers
Deliver value to your hardest-to-reach market with EnerNOC's energy intelligence software.

Utilities: Get the Most from Your Commercial and Industrial Customer Relationships
Engage your largest customers with EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software.

Agricultural Demand Response Solutions for Utilities
Pumping and treating water is an energy intensive process, and EnerNOC has designed the tools and technology to help utilities tap into this valuable demand-side resource.

EnerNOC Demand Response for Utilities: Comprehensive Solutions for Your Commercial and Industrial Customers
EnerNOC has worked with hundreds of utilities and grid operators on effective demand-side resource solutions that meet their needs.

Getting You the Best Available Price for Your Wholesale Transactions
Enhance your RFP process and leverage additional liquidity with our real-time online auction platform.

Industrial Energy Efficiency Program Implementation for Utilities
Many utilities have big goals to reduce overall consumption. EnerNOC can help utilities harness the enormous efficiency potential that exists with their industrial customers.

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