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Smarter hardware for a smarter grid

Data-driven energy management requires sophisticated hardware and devices, which is why we provide advanced metering and monitoring equipment for each customer, linking them to real-time information on energy use that can create real savings. We also offer wireless machine-to-machine controls equipment that makes energy management even easier for energy users and utilities alike.

Our integrated, custom-designed metering and control hardware serves as a communications gateway for EnerNOC’s technology platformfacilitating two-way communication, automated load control, and continuous real-time monitoring of each of our customer sites and those of our utility partners.


Your connection to better energy management

Connected to the utility meter at each customer site, the EnerNOC Site Server (ESS) links thousands of EnerNOC and utility customer sites to our Network Operations Center (NOC)creating the world’s largest “virtual power plant.” It also gives both our enterprise and utility customers access to our online energy management solutions, which help them manage energy usage in real time. Our Network Operations Center monitors connectivity and is available 24/7/365 to ensure that equipment is functioning properly.

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Remote controls to save time and energy

We designed the ESS with three key concepts in mind—flexibility, reliability, and accuracy. Our devices ensure that utilities' end use customers and our NOC can access real-time meter data securely. 

Easily connected to a customer’s existing electrical meter, the ESS is equipped to read and record electrical data from the utility meter—typically through pulse outputs. The ESS communicates this data back to our NOC using secure protocols through a combination of wired and wireless communications, including CDMA, GSM, and satellite connections. All ESS interaction with the utility meter is one-way, read-only communication, so there is no risk of interference with utility meter readings or power quality. In some cases, we can integrate certain elements of the existing utility automated meter reading / advanced metering infrastructure (AMR / AMI) to capture consumption data. We also offer specialized hardware for irrigation control applications.

EnerNOC Site Server key features include:

  • High-durability hardware: designed for years of maintenance-free operations, and certified by UL and cUL 
  • Robust communication with low latency: sends energy usage information from each customer site to our NOC at short regular intervals (typically one to five minutes)
  • Flexible Internet connectivity options: connects to the Internet using a cellular modem with a private VPN or using an internal Ethernet port and an existing local area network (LAN)
  • Secure data: communicates using the high-performance XMPP data transmission protocol, secured by TLS encryption and SASL authentication
  • Accepts wide range of meter inputs: accepts KYZ pulse-based meter inputs and ModBus RTU inputs, allowing for reliable communications with utility meters, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, or existing meter networks
  • AutoDR capable: performs automated demand response using a variety of machine-to-machine control methods; fully compliant with the OpenADR 2.0b standard

EnerNOC is actively engaged in the development of global smart grid and automated demand response interoperability standards. We are firmly committed to rigorous security standards throughout our software and technology platform, utilizing the latest technologies and protocols and operational best practices.