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Program Implementation Services to Realize Your Vision

The EnerNOC Utility Solutions™ team has extensive experience working with utilities to implement demand response and energy efficiency programs for commercial, institutional, industrial, and agricultural customers. EnerNOC supports the entire delivery process: from marketing and customer recruitment, to field services, to resource operation and management, to measurement and verification. And our technology platform gives business customers the tools they need to streamline program participation.

Reliable demand response—delivered

Managing demand for electricity is a growing challenge for utilities. EnerNOC is the largest provider of non-residential demand response implementation services in the world. We are currently working with more than one hundred utilities and grid operators in both traditionally regulated and restructured markets to design, implement, and manage demand response programs throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. With more than 13,500 end-user sites currently active in our demand response network, we have developed deep "behind-the-meter" expertise that enables us to deliver reliable demand response resources that meet each utility’s unique needs. From program recruitment to resource dispatch to measurement and verification, EnerNOC’s comprehensive demand response solutions help utilities manage peak demand and address system contingencies.

Energy efficiency you can measure

Utilities rely on EnerNOC to help meet their energy efficiency objectives for the commercial and industrial customer segments, and we have delivered hundreds of thousands of MWhs of savings to date. Our acquisitions of Cogent Energy and Global Energy Partners have bolstered our expertise in delivering cost-effective energy efficiency programs and services.

With extensive experience in new building and retro-commissioning, as well as conducting energy audits and system assessments, we offer a wide range of solutions to support our utility clients’ objectives. We provide comprehensive, turnkey program implementation services, and, for utilities that wish to develop ongoing energy monitoring and analysis programs, effectively identify opportunities for long-term savings.