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Engaging Business Customers

The utility industry is experiencing an unprecedented period of change and opportunity. From the proliferation of distributed energy resources and infrastructure constraints to increasingly demanding environmental mandates and increasing customer expectations, the playing field is changing. Simply selling energy to your commercial and industrial (C&I) customers without understanding the nuances of their businesses is no longer enough.

Unlike residential solutions, EnerNOC's energy intelligence software (EIS) is uniquely tailored to the complicated demands of the C&I market, and our team of software engineers and professional services experts has focused on one key principle: make it simple. With EnerNOC, utilities and energy retailers can get started easily and realize value quickly.

EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software allows you to:

  • Understand and effectively target your C&I customers like never before
  • Build on this understanding to engage your customers through customized, timely, and valuable content
  • Improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Capture the full value of demand-side flexibility through tailored demand response products
  • Improve customer adoption of new and existing energy efficiency programs and value-added products and services 
  • Reduce the cost-to-serve your most valuable market segment with targeted program design, smarter program marketing, and better channel management of each customer type

A Single Platform to Deliver Targeted Results

Utilities worldwide turn to EnerNOC to overcome their C&I engagement and demand-side management challenges. We help you unlock the data, analytics, and market insights needed to serve your customers in new ways, manage system demand, and reduce program costs. Unlike other solutions, EnerNOC's energy intelligence software is uniquely designed to give you:

  • An integrated customer engagement and demand-side management solution
  • A single platform to serve your entire commercial and industrial market
  • Unparalleled segmentation and targeting capabilities that classifies customers beyond rate class

A Partner You Can Trust

Founded in 2001, EnerNOC has a proven track record in achieving demand-side management results for more than 50 utilities worldwide and unrivaled experience with C&I verticals in more than 100 countries. Our utility partners have successfully secured reliable, cost-effective alternatives to investments in traditional generation and grid infrastructure, while enhancing customer relationships and realizing business targets.

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Engaging Your Business Customers Takes Understanding Myriad Needs and Drivers

Serve all of your business customers from a single platform

With EnerNOC’s EIS, utilities can: