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When You Use Energy


Not all kilowatts are created equal

Get paid for your flexibility by responding to broader market signals through demand response programs and avoid costly peak demand charges by tracking your real-time energy demand.

Get paid to reduce

Demand response programs pay large energy consumers to reduce at times when the grid is stressed, there is a shortage of available supply, or when real-time prices for electricity are skyrocketing. EnerNOC’s software supports more demand response programs worldwide than any other provider and gives you the software you need to maximize the revenue opportunity.

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Avoid costly peak demand charges

EnerNOC's energy intelligence software (EIS) gives you the real-time visibility you need to manage your facility's peak demand charges, which, depending on how each individual facility is billed for energy, can comprise 30% or more of your bill. With EnerNOC's software, you can get a better handle on when you're setting your daily, weekly, or monthly peaks and adjust your operating schedules accordingly. This also includes predictive capabilities so you can be even more proactive.

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