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Manage Risk and Make Smarter Purchasing Decisions With SupplySMART

Competitive energy markets provide businesses with an attractive opportunity to gain control over and lower energy costs. The concept of energy supply procurement sounds simple enough, but getting the best price and a contract that matches your budget and risk-tolerance can be a complex, time-consuming challenge. Most businesses find it essential to have a partner working with them every step of the way.

EnerNOC’s SupplySMART™ team is uniquely positioned to maximize the benefit to your business and get you the best possible pricing on energy. We don't view the procurement process as a one-time transaction; we see our role to act as a strategic energy partner so that you can make the most informed decision possible, stay educated on evolving market dynamics, and modify your procurement strategy as your business needs change. 

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Comprehensive Energy Management Experience

Your business’ supply procurement strategy will be stronger when it is closely integrated into your overall strategic energy plan. Our understanding of both the demand side and supply side of the equation will help you get more from your energy management approach by recognizing when efforts against one energy management strategy can be used to strengthen others. As an example, understanding the impact of energy efficiency initiatives on energy usage will help improve the accuracy of the baseline consumption estimates necessary for a block purchasing strategy. Or, creating a dependable physical hedge through your demand response participation can be used to your advantage when negotiating with suppliers. 

Market Expertise

The SupplySMART team has been actively advising businesses in competitive energy markets since day one of deregulation, and we actively participate in capacity auctions and ancillary markets that are core to our DemandSMART offering.  Our understanding of the importance and value of these markets allows EnerNOC to deliver both savings and financial value for our customers.


EnerNOC utilizes analysis of your detailed demand information, or meter-level interval data, to provide suppliers visibility into load shape. During negotiations, this granularity gives suppliers added certainty in their supply obligations to your business, which translates into less risk for them and potentially more attractive rates for you. Only EnerNOC can provide you with the highest data granularity to inform these supplier discussions. EnerNOC understands that energy data is much more than information – it is crucial knowledge needed to improve business intelligence and drive competitive advantage.  

An Independent Advisor

As an independent energy advisor, we do not represent the interests of any retail energy provider, and we are transparent about the available options and associated fees. Our only goal is to get you the best possible contract terms, and we continually monitor the market for new opportunities.

Current Market Data

For some examples of the current market data we use to help execute your organization’s energy procurement strategy, click the links below.

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