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How You Buy It

How You Buy It

Buying energy isn't as simple as paying your monthly bill

Tracking your utility bills, tariffs, and costs is the first step in building a supply procurement budget and making smart purchasing decisions, but this information can often be difficult to collect and make useful. Our supply management software includes robust tools for budget tracking, forecasting, and tariff optimization. Our utility bill management (UBM) software streamlines management of your utility bills and provides extensive online energy tracking and trending capabilities with customizable dashboards of your key indicators to quickly assess progress and identify anomalies. 

When it’s time to renew your contract, our energy procurement professional services team uses this data coupled with a deep understanding of your risk tolerance and business needs to help you secure an energy contract with the right energy prices, terms, and conditions that deliver the best value. And we don’t stop once the ink is dry. Because we monitor the markets continuously, we’ll keep you informed of purchase opportunities to fulfill your strategy and take advantage of favorable pricing circumstances.

Why is a Strategic Energy Partner Important?

Read this framework for selecting a partner that sits on your side of the table.

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What are the markets doing now?

For some examples of the current market data we use to help execute your organization’s energy procurement strategy, click the links below. And read the latest supply procurement news on the EnergySMART blog, which includes biweekly energy market updates.

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