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How You Buy Energy

How You Buy It

Get the best price for energy

Buying energy isn't as simple as paying your monthly bill.

Buying energy is complex and time consuming – but it doesn’t have to be. EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software (EIS) includes a procurement platform that enables our customers to get the best possible price, and robust tools for establishing budgets, tracking accruals before the billing period ends, and managing exposure to real-time energy prices.

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Kill the spreadsheets and manage utility bill data better

Managing utility bill data in spreadsheets is time consuming and error-prone. With EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software, utility bill management is automated, transparent, and reliable. Users can track trends in utility usage and cost, discover and report billing errors, and streamline the accounts payable process.

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Why is a Strategic Energy Partner Important?

Read this framework for selecting a partner that sits on your side of the table.

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What are the markets doing now?

For some examples of the current market data we use to help execute your organization’s energy procurement strategy, click the links below. And read the latest energy procurement news on the EnergySMART blog, which includes biweekly energy market updates.

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New England Electric: ISO-NE Summary Report

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Natural Gas: NATGAS Summary Report

Crude Oil: Crude Oil Summary Report