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How Much You Use

How Much You Use

The cheapest kilowatt hour is the one you don't use

You know that the cheapest kilowatt or BTU is the one you don't use, but using less requires having the right tools to promote visibility and streamline reporting within an organization, optimize performance, and manage capital projects. EnerNOC's software-as-a-service (SaaS)- based solution leverages the power of real-time meter-level energy data to give you visibility at a level that simply isn’t achievable when you rely on monthly utility bills alone. 

Deployed at a single site or across a portfolio of buildings, your data is presented in intuitive dashboards and reports, often unearthing low- or no-cost savings and giving you the information you need to prioritize capital investments. Once the biggest problem areas are identified, EnerNOC’s suite of professional energy management services, including strategic energy plans, audits, assessments, retro-commissioning, new building commissioning, and more – can be deployed to fix inefficiencies. Closing the loop, EnerNOC software gives you the tools and insight you need to measure the impact of your capital investments and demonstrate to stakeholders, inside and outside of the organization, that you're making a real impact on your organization's bottom line. Learn more about the benefits of visibility and reporting, and facility optimization.

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