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Fund Your Efficiency Investments

EnerNOC's Utility Solutions' Program Implementation team has partnered with hundreds of utilities and grid operators worldwide to bring utility-funded programs to commercial, institutional, and industrial energy users. In some cases, EnerNOC is chosen as the sole provider of these programs, which means that we are in a unique position to help you fund your energy efficiency projects. In other cases, EnerNOC is chosen as a qualified provider of these programs. Utility incentive dollars are available across the EfficiencySMART™ product suite.

  • California: Through bi-lateral agreements with EnerNOC, SCE, PG&E, and SoCal Gas offer programs to offset the costs to provide energy efficiency services and deploy EfficiencySMART Insight for commercial and industrial customers. SCE and SDG&E also offer retro-commissioning programs for commercial customers. All of these programs help businesses identify and quantify energy efficiency improvement measures, reduce energy use and operating costs, and improve facility performance & comfort.
  • Illinois: ComEd offers funding for 100% of the cost of commercial building retro-commissioning studies and industrial facility audits, through the Smart Ideas programs. Similar funding is available for public-sector buildings through the DCEO retro-commissioning program, for ComEd and Ameren customers. EnerNOC is an experienced Service Provider for all of these programs, and can help you take advantage of these generous opportunities for ComEd customers. Read more about ComEd Smart Ideas here, and DCEO here.
  • New York: NYSERDA FlexTech offers cost-sharing incentives for commercial, institutional, and industrial customers to offset the cost of a variety of energy efficiency projects—covering 50% of the project costs, up to 10% of annual energy costs or $1 million. Read more here.
  • Connecticut: Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating offer a retro-commissioning program for commercial and institutional buildings with at least 100,000 square feet on a BMS with trending capabilities. Read more here.
  • Maryland: BGE offers a retro-commissioning program for non-residential customers to offset the cost of retro-commissioning services—BGE provides incentives up to 75% of the service costs, with a $30,000 project cap. Pepco also offers incentives for retro-commissioning. Read more about complete BGE program requirements and Pepco program requirements.
  • Ohio: AEP offers a retro-commissioning program for commercial and institutional buildings that offers $0.10 per square foot, up to $0.13/kWh of implemented savings. Read more here.
  • New Hampshire: Pay for Performance program is available in New Hampshire to help offset the costs of energy efficiency projects in commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings. Read more here.
  • New Jersey: A Pay for Performance program is available in New Jersey to help offset the costs of energy efficiency projects for new and existing commercial, industrial, or institutional facilities. Read more here.
  • Pennsylvania: Through two bi-lateral agreements with Duquesne Light, EnerNOC manages energy efficiency programs for Mixed Industrial and Chemical facilities. We work with customers to introduce engineering solutions that will help lower their energy bill. These programs help customers cover the cost of efficiency upgrades in their facility for both retrofit and new construction projects.

These programs change frequently as space is typically limited; to inquire whether or not utility-funded opportunities are currently available in your region, please contact the EnerNOC sales team.