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Capturing Continuous Energy Savings

We've never met an energy manager who has complained about having too much time, too many resources, or too much money to spend on energy efficiency initiatives. More often we hear that managers have spent thousands of dollars to collect data that hasn't delivered any meaningful value, they can't get efficiency efforts funded because results are not easily measured, they've heard about utility incentives but find them difficult to access, or they're pitched on yet another expensive hardware solution.

That's why EnerNOC has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you prioritize, manage, and measure your energy efficiency investments to ensure that they deliver continuous energy savings. EfficiencySMART Insight is a software-as-a-service based solution that gives the visibility you need to make smarter investment decisions.  With tools that facilitate no- and low-cost operational savings measures such as peak demand management, scheduling optimization, and staged shutdown, Insight delivers a quick return on investment, but just as importantly, gives you new levels of transparency to inform your investment strategy. EnerNOC’s EfficiencySMART services – PlansAuditsAssessments, and Commissioning  – can then be deployed to address some of your biggest problem areas. Don’t have the resources to manage those projects? EnerNOC also has an implementation team that can take on that work on your behalf. Closing the loop, Insight can be utilized to measure the impact of those projects and demonstrate to stakeholders inside and outside of the organization that you are making a real impact on your organization’s bottom line.

Want to take control of your energy use?
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EnerNOC is an ENERGY STAR partner!
EnerNOC is an ENERGY STAR partner!
Learn more about the importance of ENERGY STAR certification.

Proactively managing energy is a continuous process, whether you're just starting out and setting goals or you have already put in place sophisticated energy management solutions. 

Regardless of where you are in the energy efficiency process, we can help you get started or accelerate your efforts with our suite of solutions. And while the economics for energy efficiency initiatives are compelling on their own, the EnerNOC team can often secure external sources of funding to make the ROI even more attractive and help you stay ahead of local laws and regulations that could impact you.

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